Tuesday, June 22

Mario Aoun says LF ministers obstruct work of FPM ministers

MP Mario Aoun pointed out Sunday that the ministers of the Lebanese Forces have adopted "a policy of obstruction" against the work of the Free Patriotic Movement ministers.

"The Lebanese Forces ministers have practiced distortion against the work of the Free Patriotic Movement ministers despite the Understanding of Mearab, for which reason was the President's insistence on the post-election cabinet being the mandate's first government," Aoun said in an interview to "Radio Lebanon" this morning.

Commenting on the cabinet formation issue, the MP expressed his regret over the stagnation in the process of forming the government, contrary to the optimistic atmosphere that prevailed during the appointment of Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri.

The deputy considered that the formation of the government was solely the responsibility of the PM-designate, who must submit government proposals to the President of the Republic to reach an agreement.

The lawmaker stressed the importance of facilitating the formation of the new cabinet in the hopes that it would revamp the deteriorating economic situation.

Source: National News Agency