Sunday, April 18

Medical Cooperation Agreement Signed to Enhance Efficiency of Services Offered to People with Genetic Disabilities

Riyadh, Saudi Society of Medical Genetics (SSMG) has signed a medical cooperation agreement with Saudi Society for Clinical Chemistry with the aim of enhancing the efficiency of services offered to patients and their families that suffer from genetic disabilities, and providing an opportunity to exchange expertise and enhance aspects of cooperation between the two societies. SSMG Spokesman Dr. Zuhair Rahbini said that the agreement is part of efforts being exerted by the two societies to realize envisioned goals, contribute to developing applied scientific research in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and support entrepreneur scientific research that can address challenges facing genetic diseases.
He added that the agreement seeks to enhance methods of scientific research in the field and provide the best health results, as well as increasing scientific cooperation in fields related to publication, scientific conferences and issuing scientific data in issues of joint medical interest.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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