Thursday, January 21

Mine experts Remove More Than 1000 landmines, West of Taiz Governorate, Yemen

Aden, Mine experts have removed more than 1,000 landmines in Al-Wazea'iyah Directorate, west of Taiz Governorate in Yemen .

The Yemeni official news agency quoted the director of the Directorate of Al-Wazea'iyah, Ahmed Al-Dharafi as saying that the mine experts removed within a few days more than 1000 landmines planted by Houthi coup militias in roads and villages in the Directorate, as coordination with the Mine Action Center to remove the remaining landmines in homes, farms and mountains is in full swing .

Al-Dharafi called on local and international organizations to pay attention to the great humanitarian plight that Al-Wazea'iyah children being suffered especially with the recurrent events of mine victims of children and women and the possibility of implementing relief programs for the displaced from different areas and surrounding the Directorate urgently.

Source: Saudi Press Agency