Sunday, May 16

Ministry of Culture to Establish Tariq Abdul Hakim Music Museum

Riyadh, The Ministry of Culture has announced the establishment of a music museum for the late artist Tariq Abdul Hakim in Al-Balad, Jeddah.
The museum’s contents will represent the richness of the local musical history and the contributions of the late musician to the art scene in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The museum will be inaugurated at the end of 2022 in the historical area of Al-Balad, which was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014.
The museum includes a collection of archival and personal belongings of Tariq Abdul Hakim, including musical instruments and reels for his recordings, photo albums, some musical compositions by major Arab singers such as Umm Kulthum and Abdul Wahab. It also contains his visual and audio documents while performing his compositions with others, and his musical compositions of national anthems.
The museum is divided into two main sections, the first is to display the personal history of the late musician, and the second will be a music research center that includes articles and writings on Saudi music in addition to research on the music of the Arab world.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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