Wednesday, January 27

Ministry of Media holds its closing ceremony for the Hajj season 1439 H.

Jeddah, Minister of Media Dr. Awwad bin Saleh Al-Awwad congratulated the wise leadership on the success of the Hajj season this year on behalf of the media delegations.

This came during the minister's patronage of the closing ceremony of the Hajj season 1439 AH in honor of the guests of the Ministry this year in Jeddah.

Dr. Al-Awwad delivered a speech in which he highlighted the great success of the Hajj season and the global spread of media coverage reflecting the great efforts exerted by the Kingdom in the service of pilgrims and thwarting the politicization agenda and its plots.

The ceremony was attended by the Ministers of Media of Sudan and Senegal.

Dr. Al-Awwad said that the ministry has achieved a qualitative leap in this year 1439 AH through working with its partners in government agencies and the media to implement the comprehensive strategic media plan to cover the Hajj season.

Dr. Al-Awwad pointed out that the Ministry of Media has initiated the design of a unified visual and verbal identity for Hajj this year entitled "The World in the Heart of the Kingdom", which is committed to by all the participating parties and has prepared a website dedicated to publishing Hajj works entitled "Hajj Media Portal:", which was launched at a media event held on this occasion; a strategic media plan for the season was also launched in the presence of many officials, media and journalists, indicating that the unified verbal identity has made 18,333,192,272 impressions on Twitter.

He pointed out that the ministry has launched a unified media center for government agencies in Al-Haj in the Makkah region as one of the programs and initiatives to implement the comprehensive media plan of the Ministry of Media to cover the Hajj season 1439 H., pointing out that 168 Saudi journalists and 818 international journalists benefited from the information services provided by the Ministry of Media in Hajj.

He said that the ministry has produced a total of 419 media items as well as 58 press releases, all of which were broadcast through 19 digital and traditional media channels in 62 languages and have reached 100 countries, achieving 32,717,328 views around the world, adding that seven media meetings were held with seven figures from government officials.

The Ministry of Media was able to highlight 57 Hajj participating government bodies.

Source: Saudi Press Agency