Wednesday, June 23

Moussawi says Information Minister reassured him in a call that recent incident was not personally intended against him in any way

Loyalty to the Resistance" Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Nawwaf al-Moussawi, disclosed in an issued statement Wednesday that he received a phone call from Caretaker Information Minister, Melhem Riachi, on the same day that "Al-Jadeed TV" ran a report on the National News Agency's elimination of parts of a recent statement by Moussawi.

"The Minister [Riachi] confirmed that all my personal statements are treated with high respect and expressed recognition for what I represent, while stressing that what happened was not personally directed against me in any manner," Moussawi indicated.

He added: "Minister Riachi explained that the government is keen on keeping the National News Agency away from any prohibition or ban from a provoked state that feels constrained by anything that addresses it."

"In turn, I assured Minister Riachi that this is not a personal issue, but a matter of freedom of speech and expression, and that no one can limit the opinion of a parliament member with Constitutional immunity," Moussawi went on.

"I also expressed my understanding of the critical situation, and the intransigence of the well-known Saudis, but I assured him [Minister Riachi] that we are supposed to maintain our steadfastness, our sovereignty and our right to express whatever we wish," the MP asserted.

In the same connection, Moussawi disclosed that he received a similar call from Information Ministry Director-General Hassan Falha, who in turn expressed full respect and appreciation for Moussawi's position, explaining that the incident occurred during his presence outside Lebanon, and stressing his continuous stances in defense of the resistance.

Moussawi added that Falha explained the circumstances rendering the Ministry of Information "almost besieged by the Saudi alert, awaiting any pretext to break the norms that maintain the freedom of work and expression in Lebanon."

Source: National News Agency