Friday, August 19

National Teams Taking Part in Arab Soccer Cup U20 Start to Arrive in Abha

Abha, Saudi Arabia, July 14, 2022, SPA -- National teams taking part in Arab Soccer Cup Championship U20, organized by the Arab Football Federation and hosted by the Saudi Football Federation, which is scheduled to be held from July 20 through August 6, 2022, started to arrive in Abha, Saudi Arabia, venue of the finals.

Iraqi team was the first of arrivees last Tuesday, joining the Saudi host team which is already camping there. Sudanese and Libyan teams arrived this evening while the teams of Morocco, Palestine and Mauritania are scheduled to reach this resort city on Sunday. On Monday, teams of Egypt, Oman, Jordan and UAE are set to be in Abha while the Tunisian team lands on July 20, the opening of the event, organizers said.

Source: Saudi Press Agency