Saturday, May 21

National University for Science and Technology in Pakistan Joins Digital Cooperation Organization as Official Observer

Riyadh, The Digital Cooperation Organization today welcomed the joining of the National University for Science and Technology in Pakistan to the organization as an official observer.

This announcement is based on the inaugural visit of Secretary General Dima Al-Yahya to Pakistan in November 2021, as part of the organization’s efforts to empower the youth, women and the entrepreneurship community, and a continuation of the mission to allow digital prosperity for all.

The organization will work with the university to support sharing the capabilities of research and innovation in Pakistan and other member countries in the organization, in addition to focusing on digital economy initiatives that support the youth, entrepreneurs, and women at the international level, where the organization represents more than 500 million people, including 70% as youth under the age of 35.

University Rector Javed Mahmood Bukhari said: "We are proud of the university as a new member at the Digital Cooperation Organization that brings together the best Pakistani talents and minds to enhance the digital world that we live in, and that the connection of our students in the viable digital network is an affirmation to the technical aspirations of Pakistan, and will provide new job opportunities for our youth and graduates. The university looks forwards to further cooperation with members of the organization to bridge the digital gap.”

Source: Saudi Press Agency