Wednesday, April 14

Nazaha participates in a virtual int’l conference in Palestine on accountability policy

Riyadh, Control and Anti-corruption Authority (Nazaha) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, today took part in the 2nd International conference 2020, virtually organized by the Palestinian Anti-corruption authority under the theme “Integrity, transparency and accountability policies between principle and application”.
A number of anti-corruption authorities around the world as well as relevant international and regional organizations took part in the event.
During the opening session, Dr. Nasser Abakhail, Assistant President of the Nazaha for international cooperation, reviewed Saudi Arabia’s rich experience in combating corruption
Abalkhail, cited the Crown Prince as saying that corruption is the forefront enemy of development and prosperity. “Aware of the danger of corruption, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has fixed its 2030 vision on integrity, transparency and accountability as key pillars”, Nazaha senior official told his audience.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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