Saturday, July 31

OIC Welcomes Saudi Arabia’s Call on Riyadh Accord Two Parties to Urgently Respond to their agreed Terms

Jeddah, The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Organization (OIC) Dr. Yusuf bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen has welcomed the call made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the two parties of the Riyadh Accord (Representatives of the Yemeni Government and the Southern Transitional Council) to urgently respond to the terms they have agreed upon and renounce disagreements.

He also urged them to work in accordance with the agreed upon mechanism and to prioritize the public interest in order to complete carrying out the remaining provisions of the accord, close the ranks, save blood and mend fences among all segments of the Yemeni people entirely.

Dr. Al-Othaimeen called on the two parties of the accord, too, to stop all forms of political, economic, social and media escalation, to push forward the efforts being exerted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to eventually implement the Riyadh Accord.

Source: Saudi Press Agency