Saturday, July 31

Oman Participates in UN High-Level Meet on Human Settlements

Nairobi, The Sultanate has reaffirmed its quest to achieve advanced levels of modernization in civic and rural areas with a view to meeting the goals of sustainable development and utilizing it as an enabler for implementing Oman Vision 2040.

This was stated in a speech here before the first open-membership meeting of the United Nations (UN)’s high-level committee of permanent representatives.

Oman was represented at the meeting by Saleh Sulaiman al Harthy, the Sultanate’s Ambassador to Kenya and its Permanent Representative at the UN Programme for Human Settlements.

Al Harthy pointed out that the Sultanate strived to realize sustainable development goals through the merging of such goals in its long-term strategy, as well as medium and short-term plans and programmes. Those, he said, constitute a spatial framework for urban development over the next 20 years, with options set for balance between population and investment activities.

Al Harthy stressed that the Sultanate is keen on espousing the UN agenda in this field, and has thus been able to make tangible accomplishments in basic areas of sustainable development (economic, social, environmental, cultural and political) in recent years.

Al Harthi added that the Sultanate hopes to enhance partnership with the UN Programme for Human Settlements and utilize this approach to achieve sustainable development goals at a national level, in accordance with Oman Vision 2040.

Source: Oman News Agency