Friday, October 15

Paris Chosen as the Location of MiSK Cultural Center in Europe

Paris, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Foundation "MiSK" announced its plans to inaugurate the MiSK Cultural Center in the French capital Paris by the end of 2018, in conjunction with the visit of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince to France.

The Center seeks to highlight the thought, literature and culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through various intellectual and cultural activities in order to convey the true image of the Saudi citizen.

The MiSK Cultural Center aims to be a platform in the heart of Europe to introduce and defend the Kingdom and its issues. It also aims to develop MiSK charitable projects and initiatives in a strategic and innovative way, particularly in France and generally in Europe, highlighting the role of the foundation in promoting the Saudi culture through art exhibitions and cultural conferences, symposia and forums.

The center spreads the creativity of the Saudi people and activates the studies, science and research with a focus on the cultural movement in the Kingdom, enhancing communication and continuous coordination with the French media.

The MiSK Foundation Cultural Center in Paris seeks to attract the students from French schools and universities, French families, EU citizens, intellectuals, journalists, media outlets, tourists coming to France and the Arab and Islamic community in France.

Source: Saudi Press Agency