Tuesday, June 22

Pilgrims, collectively, March from Arafat, heading to Muzdalifah

Arafat, outskirts of Makkah, As many as over two million pilgrims began, on the sunset of this day, their individual and collective back-way march from Arafat heading to the holy site of Muzdalifah, following a successful ascension to Arafat, which is the backbone of Hajj, regardless of their colors, nationalities, race or any other distinct, only harboring a unique objective, that is the unification and the oneness of Allah and consequently seeking his mercy, pardon and condoning.

At the venue of the holy site of Muzdalifah, they will perform, in congregation, the two prayers of Maghreb and Isha'a, lately, in coincidence with the Sunnah of Al-Mustafa, or the selected Prophet, peace and benediction be upon him.

Following the performance of the prayers, they will begin to collect the pebbles, then spending the whole night, at the site, and later on begin their return to Mina, with the advent of the dawn, following conducting the prayers ushering in the advent of Eid Al-Adha, commencing throwing the pebbles, at Jamrat Al-Aqaba, an stele representing Satan, and start to slay their sacrifices.

Source: Saudi Press Agency