Saturday, July 31

Presidency Of Parliament Holds A Meeting . And Preliminary Leaks About The Map Of The Parliamentary Committees’ Distribution

BAGHDAD, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Halbousi held a meeting with his deputies, Hassan al-Kaabi and Bashir Haddad to discuss the formation of parliamentary committees and the distribution of MPs on them.

Parliamentary sources revealed to (NINA) preliminary leaks to the map of the distribution of parliamentary committees in the House of Representatives.

According to these sources, the distribution map of the parliamentary committees consisted of (6) committees for Sauiroon Alliance, two committees for al-Nasr, one committee for National Wisdom Movement, 6 committees for the Fatah Alliance, 3 committees for the National Axis Alliance (Muhour) , 3 committees for the Democratic Party, 4 committees for Kurdish parties, and two committees for other minorities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency