Tuesday, April 13


President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, received the Deputy Special Coordinator in Lebanon and Officer in Charge of the UN Special Coordinator Office, Mrs. Najat Rushdie, today at Baabda Palace.

The President requested Mrs. Rushdie to include the issue of oil leakage from the shores of occupied Palestine to Lebanese shores in the report, which the Security Council will discuss on March 18 on Resolution 1701, especially since the damages caused were great.

President Aoun also handed Mrs. Rushdie a copy of the initial report deposited by Lebanon, on the damages caused on environmental and water wealth, after the field and aerial survey was conducted on Lebanese waters.

In addition, President Aoun affirmed that “Lebanon adheres to its rights in compensating for environmental and economic damages, especially as it is still suffering from the repercussions of the oil slick which resulted from the Israeli bombing in the 2006 war”. Then, the President requested that the report includes the repeated Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty by land, sea and air, which have recently increased.

Moreover, the President raised the issue of displaced Syrians in Lebanon, and the need for UN assistance to facilitate their return to Syria, expressing hope that the step which Denmark took a week ago, to return a hundred displaced Syrians to their country, given that there are safe areas in Syria including Damascus and its countryside, will drive the issue of safe return of the displaced, with support from the international community.


Source: National News Agency

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