Wednesday, January 27

Protesters set up tents in front of the Basra Council to demand their rights

Basra, Hundreds of protesters erected tents in front of the building of the provincial council to demand the change of the Iraqi regime and the Constitution and the implementation of radical reforms and accounting for corrupt.

The protesters stressed the accountability of the thieves and corrupts who are competing for the theft of the people's money. They also demanded the dismissal of the directors of the government departments who came with partisan quotas and replaced them with honest and independent directors.

The protesters called on tribal sheikhs to join the sit-ins and demonstrations to support the demonstrators demanding their legitimate rights. "

They explained that their sit-in continues before the gates of the provincial council until the meeting of their demands. They pointed out that the parties that came to Iraq did not feel any contribution or position with the people in providing services under successive governments.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency