Tuesday, June 22

Qaimmakam Of Madina Area In Basra: Ezzedine Salim Area Is Relatively Calm Amid Spread Of Security Forces

Basra, Ezzedine Salim area north of Basra is witnessing security spread amid relative calm on the back of the implementation raids in the areas by the security forces on Wednesday after the demonstration called for better services and the release of detainees from the demonstrators in front of the site of Clester / 2 of West Qurna field.

In a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), Qaimmakam of Qurna district Dakil al-Shawi said on Thursday Ezzedine Salim area is witnessing a relatively stable calm thanks to the sons of the clans and the security forces to extend security and enforce the law.

He pointed out that there is a security spread by the security forces to protect the government departments and the police station. Pointing to the death of one of the demonstrators yesterday as a result of a serious injury during the dispersal of sit-in to a number of demonstrators to demand their legitimate rights.

He called the security services to respect human rights and the right to demonstrate in the legitimate demands guaranteed by the Constitution. "He also called on tribal elders and dignitaries in the region to calm the situation in this area of harmony and the spirit of love among all.

Ezzedine Salim, a district of Madina, north of Basra witness since last July, demonstrations and sit-ins in front of the Qurna / 2 field to demand improvement of the reality of services in the area and creation of job opportunities for unemployed.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency