Tuesday, June 22

Raffoul says both interior and exterior share disruption of cabinet formation

Caretaker State Minister for Presidential Affairs, Pierre Raffoul, deemed Saturday that the obstacle in forming the new government lies in the quest of some, triggered by external influence, for excessive cabinet shares, betting on variables in the region that will not be in their inevitable interest.

Raffoul refused to link the reasons for the government formation obstruction to the Prime Minister-designate's rejection of "normalization with Syria."

Speaking in an interview with "Radio Al-Nour" Channel earlier today, Raffoul stressed that "the current mandate and the Free Patriotic Movement are not responsible for the failure to form the new government."

He criticized "the fact that the political parties have exceeded the declared standards of formation, namely in their quest for every four deputies to have a corresponding ministerial seat in a deliberate attempt to inflate their actual size and reduce that of the remaining parties."

"Lebanon's interest lies in normalizing relations with victorious Syria," Raffoul went on, adding, "Lebanon is the winner when it comes to the victory of the neighboring state, namely in allowing for the return of displaced Syrians to their country and activating the export of goods through the common border crossing, in addition to partaking in Syria's reconstruction and hence, improving its deteriorating economy.

Source: National News Agency