Saturday, January 23

Residential houses cleared, and women belong to Daesh wanted to the judiciary arrested in Nineveh

Baghdad, The Nineveh Operations Command announced the clearance of /256 / residential homes in the village of Qabousiya in Nineveh.

The security information center said that "4 caches were found for terrorists and two boats, which were burnt and destroyed within the sector of responsibility. The forces also found 6 explosive devices near the village of Tal Jadoua and destroyed them."

He added that "the security forces also found explosive materials placed inside a barrel buried underground and attached in the form of explosive devices in one of the empty houses in the area of Baasheqa," and dealt with the seized materials .

In a related context, the security forces arrested (five) women of Daesh who are wanted to judiciary in accordance with article 4/1 of terrorism.

The Interior Ministry said that "the terrorists were arrested in Al-Ameen district on the left side of Mosul. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency