Thursday, September 16

Russia: US military presence in Syria illegal

Washington, Russia has reiterated that the US military presence in Syria is illegal, adding that Washington’s interpretation of resolution No. 2254 is “ridiculous and ironic”.

Earlier, Wayne Maroto, Spokesman for the illegitimate so-called “International Coalition” which is led by the US under the pretext of fighting terrorism, claimed in a tweet that “the US forces are deployed in Syria under the international law and the Security Council’s resolution No. /2254/ which was issued in November 2015.”

TASS News Agency quoted the Russian Embassy in Washington as saying, in a tweet commenting on these allegations, “The truth is that the US troops did not have any legal authorization to stay in Syria, and your interpretation of the Security Council’s resolution No. 2254 is ridiculous. Please read the document carefully.”

last June, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova affirmed the illegitimacy of the US military presence in Syria, noting that “the Americans always cling to unrealistic things, and they radically change their approach after changing their administration.”

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency