Tuesday, January 26

Russian Defense Ministry: The destruction of a drone plane launched by gunmen towards the base of Hameimim in Syria

BAGHDAD, The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that gunmen fired a remote-controlled aircraft towards the base of Humimim air base in Syria was destroyed and the base operates normally.

According to the Russian media, the Commander of the Russian Center for the reconciliation of the parties to the conflict in Syria, Major General Alexei Tseganakov, said on Monday that "gunmen directed a drone aircraft to the air base in Syria, the plane was destroyed and the air base is normal."

"In the dark hours of July 29, air-force surveillance at the Russian base of Humimim monitored a drone plane fired from territory controlled by illegal armed groups, and the air target was destroyed at a safe distance from the air base with anti-aircraft weapons," Zigankov said.

The Russian military Commander added that there are "no injuries or damage."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency