Friday, June 18

Russian Journalist: whoever slams presidential elections in Syria, doesn’t want stability in it

Moscow, Russian Journalist Roman Perevezentsev has affirmed that the states which wish to restore security and stability to Syria and to initiate reconstruction process, support the presidential elections entitlement, which is conducted on a pluralistic basis, and they highly evaluate the efforts of the Syrian government to organize and conduct them in their constitutional date.

“The states which criticize holding presidential elections in Syria basically don’t want the stability in it and they show their negative stance regarding the choice of the Syrian people, who will decide who will lead their country in the upcoming years and this will determine the path that Syria will follow and the return of Syrian refugees to their country and the work for the progress and prosperity of the country”, Perevezentsev said in a statement to SANA in Moscow.

Perevezentsev added that these elections are taking place in difficult circumstances as the Syrian people continue their war against terrorism in a time when they are still suffering from the continuation of blockade and unilateral coercive western economic measures imposed on them.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency