Friday, June 18

Saadawi: State Of Law, Fatah, Large Part Of Nasr, Kurds And Sunnis Will Announce Today The Largest Bloc

Baghdad, Iraq (NINA) � "The state of law coalition, the Fatah, lage part of Nasr, and the Kurds and Sunnis will announce on Monday the largest bloc," said a member of the House of Representatives from the state of law Abdul Hadi al-Saadawi.

Al-Saadawi told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) "the signs of the formation of the largest bloc are clear and crystallize through the state of law and Fatah and the large part of Nasr coalition in addition to the brothers in the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi National Axis /Sunnis/ by declaring solidarity with this bloc to be announced today."

He added, "the larger bloc is scheduled to be officially announced today, from which the next prime minister will emanate, who will take over for four years to come within the government program and according to the draft of political majority as soon as possible."

Al-Saadawi made it clear that "the meetings of the Kurds and Sunnis in Erbil were coordinated with the state of law and Fatah and there are good results for them."

He pointed out that "the meeting yesterday that took place in Babylon Hotel could not reach 90 seats and what we need today as Shiite, is more than 100 MPs that will through allying with the Sunnis and Kurdish axes and this will be announced today."

Hisham al-Rikabi, head of the media office of the head of the state of law coalition, revealed yesterday the existence of contacts for his alliance with Fatah and the main two Kurdish parties and Iraqi National Axis to form the largest bloc, adding that the announcement will be on Monday.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency