Tuesday, March 9

Sadiqon bloc: Washington is trying to force Iraqi MPs to join a certain axis to form the largest bloc

BAGHDAD, Sadiqon bloc accused the America of trying to force Iraqi candidates to join a certain axis (not named) to form the largest bloc, calling on the winning candidates not to bow to it.

The Head of the bloc Hassan Salem said in a press statement that "America claims democracy, but it is a dirty style by using the threat and intimidation towards MPs elected by the Iraqi people, to force them to join the axis that America wants to form the largest bloc," saying: "blatant interference and violation to sovereignty of Iraq ".

Salem called on the winning candidates not to bow to US threats and give priority to national interests.

The envoy of US President for International Alliance, Brett McGork, arrived in Baghdad and held meetings with officials of the political blocs and discussed with them the efforts to form the largest bloc.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency