Friday, October 15

Salman al-Jumaili discussed with the Governor of Kirkuk the success of plans to restore stability and open new marketing centers and the payment of dues to farmers

Kirkuk, Minister of Planning and Trade Dr. Salman Al-Jumaili,, discussed with the Governor of Kirkuk, Rakan Al-Jubouri, the issues related to the payment of dues of farmers and the opening of marketing centers of wheat and barley crops for the current season in Hawija and districts of Riyadh and Taza.

The Minister of Planning expressed, during the meeting in Baghdad, the keenness of the federal government to ensure the success of the plan to restore stability of liberated areas and the inclusion of Kirkuk loans and financial grants for the rehabilitation and maintenance and reconstruction of liberated areas.

The Minister said in response to the request of the Kirkuk Administration to open marketing centers in Hawija, Riyadh and Taza districts and to work towards achieving them. He also emphasized the development of a solution to ensure the payment of dues of farmers in the liberated areas, which will be approved by the Council of Ministers.

The governor of Kirkuk praised, the support and efforts of Dr. Salman Aljamili and his support for Kirkuk and the success of its plans aimed at serving its citizens, especially the liberated areas, whose people suffered tragedy and disasters due to Daesh .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency