Wednesday, April 14

Saudi Arabia observed human rights in terms of anti-COVID-19 campaign, resulting in amazing results, HRC deputy chief says

Riyadh, Deputy President of the Human Rights Commission Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Khayal confirmed that the coronavirus COVID-19 battle has verified that whoever respects human rights will be more poised to face any crisis and get recovered from it easily, citing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s dealing with the current pandemic as an example.
This came during a symposium, organized by HRC today under the title “Human Rights Protection amid COVID-19”, which coincides with the 72nd anniversary of the international human rights day.
Al-Khayal said Saudi Arabia has observed human rights in terms of all details of combating the pandemic, citing the country’s campaign which followed two parallel routes: combating the pandemic and curbing its outbreak on one hand and treating the impacts resulting from the precautionary measures on the other.
He also cited that the Kingdom has offered health care and free treatment to citizens and expatriates on its territories alike.
Not only that but even violators of residence and labor systems were given free care, he said, adding that the Kingdom has not ignored the world peoples everywhere, offering them unprecedented assistance.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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