Tuesday, June 22

Saudi Aramco Reinforces its Leading Role in Global Energy Supply: 2017 Annual Review 5 Dhahran

Saudi Aramco's commitment to innovation was highlighted by the fact that in 2017, 230 U.S. patents were granted, a record for the company. A significant number of these patents reflect the company's continued investment in further reducing the greenhouse gas intensity of crude oil and its derivatives that will reap benefits for energy producers and consumers alike.

Saudi Aramco continued its long-standing tradition of positive outreach in line with the company's strategic objectives.

With ongoing programs to boost competency in critical science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines, Saudi Aramco continued to help prepare a highly skilled future workforce, a key focus for the Kingdom's majority youth population. Outreach in 2017 also included support for higher education programs, including energy studies, sustainability and energy efficiency.

Facilitating the growth of micro industries provided tools for communities throughout Saudi Arabia to improve their economic well-being. Programs protecting the Kingdom's unique and ecologically sensitive habitats included the Mangrove Eco-Park at Ras Tanura currently under construction, and the Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary.

Source: Saudi Press Agency