Saturday, June 12

Saudi Taakkad App Wins Prize of the Best Innovative Arab Project, using Smart Techniques for Energy Efficiency Service

Riyadh, The Saudi Taakkad App won the prize of the best innovative Arab Project, in recognition of its using smart techniques for energy efficiency service.

Taakkad app was developed by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, at the Arab Day competition for the energy efficiency.

A ceremony for the prize awarding, was organized and virtually held by the Arab League General Secretariat (the Economic Sector, Energy Administration, the Arab Electricity Ministerial Council's Secretariat).

Winning the prize culminated the fruitful cooperation and integration with the Saudi Center for the Energy Efficiency, the strategic partnership of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization and reflected the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia endeavor towards the digital shift and taking advantage of the modern techniques in consolidating means to preserve the environment, raising the levels of the energy efficiency and its applications and enabling the consumer to effectively taking part, in the national endeavor to rationalize energy consumption.

Source: Saudi Press Agency