Saturday, July 31

Sauiroon Alliance: No Deputy, No Former Minister, No Party Leader, No Partisan Candidate To Fill Ministries Of Defense And Interior

BAGHDAD, A member of the House of Representatives for Sauiroon Alliance , Alaa al-Rubaie confirmed non-agreement so far on the posts of the Ministries of Interior and Defense. "

He told NINA "As far as the two ministries are concerned, so far, no agreement has been reached between the political blocs and we insist that the ministers should be from the sons of the same institution"

"We are with choosing two individuals according to the criteria and foundations agreed upon within the reform coalition and with the construction coalition, they should be not a deputy, no former minister, no party leader, no partisan candidate to fill the posts," Rubaie said.

He stressed "the importance of having a military figure in the two posts with their weight and respect among the people."

It is noteworthy that the posts of the ministries of interior and defense are still vacant with 6 other ministries waiting for the consensus of the political blocs to nominate candidates for the completion of the cabinet, which voted on the 25th of last month on 14 ministers.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency