Saturday, July 31

SDAIA, Health Affairs at National Guard Launch Excellence Program for AI for Heart Diseases, Strokes

Riyadh, Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) and the Health Affairs of Ministry of National Guards have announced launching the excellence program for AI for heart diseases and strokes in a ceremony held at the authority’s headquarters in the presence of SDAIA President Dr. Abdullah Bin Sharaf Al-Ghamdi and Chief Executive Officer of Health Affairs at Ministry of National Guards, Dr. Bandar Al-Knawy.

The program will contribute to increasing cooperation in building up a strategic partnership to develop AI solutions that serve fields of heart diseases and strokes, and will also support national research in the AI and data related to medical research and biotechnologies, in addition to contributing to increasing the local content through participation and support in developing and adopting advanced technologies that serve the health sector, sharing pioneering technologies and expertise among stakeholders, developing national capabilities of the youth and acquainting them with practical and scientific skills that can bridge the professional gap and enter competition on jobs and specializations related to data and AI.

Al-Ghamdi said that “We in SDAIA seek to enhance the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s entrepreneurship in the data and AI field in various fields, and continue launching excellence programs with several partners from government sector, which stresses that we are going forward with accelerating steps toward reaching this goal and realizing the aspirations of the wise leadership and achieving the directives and follow-ups of His Royal Highness, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SDAIA, which enhances government integration in a way that serves the development process and realizes Saudi Vision 2030, especially that His Royal Highness’s support is main contributor to each success at all levels”.

SDAIA also seeks to find different solutions for public and private institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and supporting them through providing them with the latest AI technologies.

Source: Saudi Press Agency