Thursday, March 4

Sharour: Syria faces extremist, terrorist ideology made in the West

Damascus, Everyone realizes that terrorism and most of its organizations were made in the West with the aim of implementing plots that target countries and the capabilities of peoples that won’t yield to the Western and US dictates.

Director of Damascus Countryside Endowments, Sheikh Khodre  Shahrour, told SANA that the US wants to spread terrorism in the region , supported and made in the West, to divide regional countries and impoverish its people in the interest of the Zionist entity.

“Islam has no relation to terrorism as they try to market, and Syria is a good example for coexistence,” Sheikh Shahrour said.

He added that Syria, which adopts moderate ideology, has established al-Sham International Islamic Center to counter terrorism and Extremism.

The center, according to Shahrour, deals with combating extremist ideology and developing scientific research and training in accordance with the Levant moderate scholars approach.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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