Sunday, May 16

Shulgin: Western decision at OPCW against Syria indicates the organization turning into political tool

The Hague, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Alexander Shulgin affirmed on Wednesday that the Western decision against Syria indicates that “this structure” turned into a political tool, in addition to the fact that the decision itself violates the rules of international law.

“This day has become a black day in the history of the Organization and it is very unfortunate that this organization has transformed from a technical body to a political tool which tries a member state, and this time it tries Syria, “TASS Russian News Agency quoted Shulgin as saying at the 25th session of the OPCW Conference of States Parties to CWC.

Shulgin added that what happened today inside the walls of the OPCW will be a shame not only “for us” and the countries that voted against this decision, but also for many of those who supported it, stressing that sooner or later the truth about the events will occur and history will somehow put everything in its place.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency