Thursday, March 4

Slovak Zem a Vek website: Plundering Syrian resources by US occupation a war crime

Bratislava, The Slovak website Zem a Vek has affirmed that the US is plundering the Syrian natural resources in cooperation with terrorists in a way that completely contradicts with the international law.

In an analysis published Wednesday, the website said “despite of that the US military presence in Syria represents a comprehensive violation of the international law and an occupation of a sovereign state, yet the American and European politicians along with the media outlets affiliated to them are avoiding to speak about this issue and they circulate issues that serve their interests.”

The website asserted that the oil and natural resources in Syria are owned by the Syrian people, and only the Syrian Government only has the right t to dispose of natural wealth.

It added that plundering Syrian natural wealth by the US occupation represents a war crime according to the Fourth Geneva Convention which the United States ratified in 1955.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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