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Korean Orchestra of the Blind among the performers as Education City Stadium hosts South Korea’s group matches

DOHA, Qatar, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — South Korean musicians are to perform for thousands of football fans from the country, and around the world, at Qatar Foundation’s Education City in Doha when the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 kicks off.

As part of the fan experience that will take place around the eight World Cup matches at the Education City Stadium – the venue for South Korea’s group games against Uruguay, Ghana, and Portugal – the Korean Traditional Music Orchestra of the Blind will be providing supporters with a musical accompaniment as they soak up the pre- and post-match atmosphere.

The orchestra – all of whose members are visually impaired – has been invited to perform as part of Qatar Foundation’s efforts to provide an inclusive, accessible and welcoming environment for every supporter at its Education City Fan Experience, which will also include performances from South Korean artists, including dance group Black Door and DJ Krops.

The fun for fans attending matches at the Education City Stadium includes singing, dancing, and freestyle football, and will highlight both the culture of Qatar and the nations playing at the Education City Stadium.

“Something for everyone was our guiding motto when designing the Education City Stadium fan experience,” said Brooke Reid, Manager of Engagement and Activation at Education City, Qatar Foundation.

“We didn’t just want to create a barrier-free environment, but an actively welcoming and inclusive one that fans of all abilities can enjoy.”

Inclusive performances will include dance-offs between international break-dancers with disabilities, while live sign interpretation of musical performances will be available for the deaf and hearing impaired. Syrian-American hip hop artist Omar Offendum and rock band Faraway Martin will also be among those performing.

Several sensory activations will be present within the Education City Stadium fan experience to help supporters with sensory regulation, including a freestanding music wall with instruments and noise-making capacity that will allow those that need auditory regulation to play and engage, while creating an opportunity for sensory stimulation.

Other sensory activations will include a tactile wall, composed of rubber, seashells, sanded timber, wool and mosaic tiles and a tactile path – composed of concreted pebbles, carpet, exercise mat and cork. The tactile materials – a mix of soft, hard, raised, and other textured surfaces – will help people to self-regulate, avoid sensory overload, exhaustion, or burnout.

A wheelchair accessible light tunnel with soothing light patterns and noise reduction will allow fans to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the fan experience and be in a safe, quiet space that can help reduce feelings of distress that can arise from overstimulation. Meanwhile, a mobile sensory trailer will also be present along the route to the stadium, serving as a safe space and a refuge for fans with sensory issues.

“Fan experience can differ greatly from one person to another,” Reid said. “Some fans may enjoy loud music and bright lights, whereas other may find the same music and lights overwhelming and may need a break. That is exactly what the sensory trailer will help them do.”

Rest benches, with access for wheelchair users, will be available throughout to provide respite to whoever needs it. A number of golf carts will also be available to support fans with limited mobility to move back and forth from the stadium.

Accessibility volunteers – trained by Qatar Foundation and part of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ volunteering force – will be positioned at key points of the fan experience. They are informed and trained to interact, accommodate, and support fans of all abilities. “For example, accessibility volunteers will carry visual communication cards that will allow them to interact and support fans that are non-verbal, deaf and hard of hearing or even those that are unable to communicate because of a language barrier,” Reid said.

Activations will start three hours prior to match kick-off times, pause during the match, and resume for two hours after the game, and will include cultural performances relevant to countries playing on specific match days.

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