Tuesday, June 22

SPA live transmits the attendance of pilgrims of Arafat ritual

Arafat, Outskirts of Makkah, Saudi Arabia, The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) live transmitted the details of the attendance of pilgrims of their last leg before making a U turn from the mount of Arafat to Muzdalefa this evening.

Video footages, shot by SPA photographers, from Security Forces helicopters overviewing pilgrims scattering in Arafat valley, showed pilgrims appealing to Allah the Almighty at sunset of Monday to forgive them and bestow mercy on them and their families.

SPA photographers and reporters also covered the movement of pilgrims at Arafat valley, Namerah mosque, Al-Rahmah (Arafat) mount as they benefit from the giant services provided for them by the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

All dressed in white, more than two million pilgrims attended the event today, and ready to descend in a U turn journey to Muzdalefa valley this evening, stay the night there, before going back to Mina early tomorrow.

Source: Saudi Press Agency