Tuesday, April 13

Spanish writer: coercive measures imposed by EU and US against Syrian people are reason for their suffering

Madrid, Writer and researcher in media and international relations at the Spanish Complutense University of Madrid, Pablo Sabbagh, affirmed that the policies adopted by the EU and the US and the illegal and inhuman coercive measures they impose on the Syrian people are responsible for their suffering.

Sabbagh said in a statement that what the Europeans and Americans are talking about regarding the attitude towards the Syrian people and their suffering reflects their hypocrisy and lies, calling on the international community to help accelerate a political solution to the crisis in Syria and alleviate the suffering of its people.

The Spanish writer called for lifting the coercive economic sanctions imposed by the US and its partners in the EU against the Syrian people, pointing out that large number of countries in the world demand respect for the integrity and sovereignty of the Syrian territory and reject the coercive Western measures.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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