Tuesday, June 22

State of Law: We seek to form the largest block assume the naming of the three presidencies

Baghdad, The State of Law Coalition sought to form the largest parliamentary bloc to provide the three presidencies together, pointing out that "the initiative is still in its hand to form the government."

Member of the State of Law Coalition, Mohammed al-Ukaili said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that they have political mobility with our partners of all components according to electoral weights for them," adding that "the initiative is still in our hands on the subject of forming the next government on the basis of the national majority " .

He pointed out that "the quest comes to form a larger bloc different from previous experiences, we are going today towards a national parliamentary assembly that includes representatives of all spectrums of the Iraqi people to provide the three presidencies and write the program of work for the next phase."

He continued that the naming of the Prime Minister will be in accordance with criteria developed by a joint committee within the bloc is expected to be formed soon."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency