Tuesday, June 22

Strong Republic Bloc: Selfdistancing policy rendered Lebanon a stable oasis

The Strong Republic Parliamentary Bloc deemed Thursday that "the self-distancing policy adopted by Lebanon has rendered it a stable oasis."

Following its meeting in Maarab this afternoon chaired by Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, in the presence of Caretaker Social Affairs Minister, Pierre Bou Assi, and MP George Adwan, the Bloc stressed its keenness on forming the government the soonest possible, because the precarious living situation does not allow for further delay.

"The Lebanese Forces has exerted all efforts to accelerate the cabinet formation, from its adherence to political calm to ensure suitable circumstances for deliberations, to providing the maximum possible concessions for the birth of the new government," the Bloc indicated.

Furthermore, Bloc members emphasized Lebanon's urgent need for a socio-economic financial emergency plan, since the situation is intolerable and foreshadows actual disasters if radical solutions are not reached.

Meanwhile, the Bloc expressed surprise at the deliberate insistence on normalization with the Syrian regime and the rising tension in the country regarding controversial dossiers that were supposed to be suspended for the moment to ensure political stability, especially that the war in Syria is not over yet and peace and reconciliation have not been achieved.

Accordingly, the Bloc called for withdrawing this issue from discussion in order to avoid its implications on the government formation, and to maintain internal political stability pending a final settlement under the Arab and international umbrella.

Source: National News Agency