Wednesday, April 14

Syria calls upon Security Council to assume responsibility, stop Israeli terrorist aggressions on Syrian lands

Damascus, Syria called on UN Security Council to assume its responsibility in the framework its Charter and take firm and immediate measures to stop the terrorist Israeli aggressions on its lands, reiterating that this dangerous hostile method by the occupation authorities is a result of the limitless support provided by the US and some other members at the Security Council.

“The Israeli enemy launched at 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday, December 30th ,2020 an air aggression that targeted a unit of our air defenses in Damascus Countryside, claiming the life of one soldier and injuring three others as well as causing material damages,” Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a letter sent on Wednesday to the UN General Secretary and President of the Security Council.

The Ministry added that this aggression comes after five days of its last aggression dated on December 25th ,2020, in addition to many similar aggressions during the years of the terrorist war.

“While the Syrian Arab Republic condemns the aggression on the Syrian territories in a blatant violation of the Security Council resolution No.350 for the year 1974 related to the disengagement of forces agreement, it  underlines that those repeated aggressions represent the hostile nature of Israel and prove once again that the Israeli occupation continues  practicing the state terrorism and arrogance, especially after the failure of the terrorist forces that were plotting against Syria ,including the Israeli occupation in carrying out their agendas aimed at providing the continued support to the armed terrorist gangs,” the Ministry added.

The Ministry went on to say “The Syrian Arab Republic reiterates again that the dangerous aggressive method adopted by the Israeli occupation authorities comes as a result of the unlimited support offered by the US that provides Israel with immunity from accountability, under support by some other members at the Security Council which became well known for all.

It warned that this aggressive continued approach by “Israel” poses a threat to the international and regional peace and a dangerous escalation in the Middle East arena.

“Syria demands again that Security Council would assume its responsibilities in the framework of the UN charter, on top of them, preserving the international peace and security, taking  firm and immediate actions to stop those Israeli terrorist aggressions on the Syrian lands, and holding Israel responsible for its terrorism and crimes against the Syrian people,” the Ministry said.

It called on the UN to force “Israel” to respect the Security Council’s relevant resolutions, mainly resolutions No, 242,338,350 and 497 in addition to all the international resolutions related to combating terrorism.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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