Tuesday, January 26

The Formation of a new coalition led by Fatah in the Council of Babylon

Hilla, The formation of a new alliance was announced today in the province of Babylon within the provincial council, including nine seats led by Fatah and the factions belonging to it.

Member of the Council of Babylon Hamza al-Khafaji told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that this new alliance aims to correct the political process and service of the province while ensuring that it does not intersect with any other political or legislative party.

He added that the bloc is considered the largest until today and will have a role in the selection of the next governor of Babylon, especially as the current Governor Sadeq Madlul al- Sultani has become a member of the House of Representatives, stressing that the selection of the governor will not be exclusively members of the Council.

On the other hand, the head of the Fatah list in Babylon Habib al-Halawi pointed out that the popular crowd and the armed factions will not intervene in the work of the new bloc except in case of extreme necessity. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency