Tuesday, June 22

The High Commissioner for Human Rights Confirms Its Documentation Of Thousands Of Daesh Violations Against Iraqi People

BAGHDAD, The head of the High Commission for Human Rights Aqeel Jasim al-Moussawi confirmed that the Commission documented thousands of violations committed by Daesh against the components of the Iraqi people.

A statement issued by the Commission said that Moussawi met today the head of the international investigation team for Daesh crimes, Karim Asaad Ahmed Khan, in the presence of members of the Board of Commissioners, and discussed the role of the Human Rights Commission in providing adequate assistance to the international team charged with the investigation of Daesh crimes, according to the UN Security Council resolution 2379 of 2017 ".

"Since the beginning of its formation, the Commission has documented thousands of violations committed by criminal Daesh gangs against the Iraqi people and have been included in official reports submitted to the international community and under the auspices of the Human Rights Council in Geneva," Moussawi said during the meeting.

For his part, the international envoy Khan confirmed the joint cooperation with the Commission because of the capacity and teams competent to document the crimes committed by Daesh organization against the Iraqis.

He pointed out that "the team will start its work in Iraq in early November this year and the High Commission for Human Rights will play the largest role in working with the international investigation team to document the crimes of Daesh."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency