Friday, June 18

The National Coalition declares its refusal to engage in any sectarian alliance

Baghdad, The National Coalition announced its refusal to engage in any sectarian alliance.

A statement by the Coalition said that "its leaders held, on Thursday evening, its periodic meeting to discuss the latest developments and developments of the political situation and ongoing consultations to form the largest bloc."

The meeting witnessed extensive discussion and exchange of views on the issues presented. The unity and cohesion of the coalition were discussed and it refused to engage in any understandings or alliances based on sectarian bases.

The participants stressed that patriotism is the first to introduce the national space and extend it, such as the national figures who did not participate in the elections, which played a role in building the political process, as well as the people who were not able to win the elections, in addition to the large masses that emerge in the demonstrations, and then their orientations and policies, not through slogans that hide behind suspicious intentions and agendas."

The meeting came out with a number of recommendations, the most prominent of which is the first emphasis on the government program and reform plans before addressing the names qualified to assume government positions, and calling on the political forces and winning lists to renounce sectarian and sectarian subjugation and work to unify the efforts behind a comprehensive national project that establishes the principle of partnership and national consensus.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency