Saturday, February 27

The Political Council In Kirkuk Warns Against Using It As Kirkuk Bargaining Card

Kirkuk, The Arab Council in Kirkuk warned the political blocs of using "Kirkuk" as a "bargaining card" during the ongoing negotiations to forming the largest bloc and the new government, expressing its satisfaction with the pledges of the last prime minister.

The Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, has vowed not to use the Kirkuk file as a card to win the Kurds during the current political movement to form the largest bloc.

The spokesman of the council, Hatem al-Tai said "Kirkuk is used today as a bargaining card between the political blocs to form the largest bloc that paves the way to form a government," pointing out that "the Arab Council as a representative of the real Arab component in Kirkuk, watching these negotiations closely and fear the policy of some blocs, which are trying to gain negotiating gains at the expense of our opinion as representatives of the Arabs of Kirkuk. "

"The council refused to use Kirkuk as a bargaining card," al-Tai added, warning that this was "an introduction to the return of the situation to the pre-security operations of November 16, 2017."

Al-Tai expressed his satisfaction with the statements of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, commander of the law enforcement plan in the province, which stressed the exclusion of Kirkuk from the negotiations to form a government.

He stressed the rejection of "the presence of any military or security forces other than the federal forces in the province, in order to maintain the current security situation in addition to calm and peaceful coexistence among its people."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency