Tuesday, June 22

The Popular Mobilization Forces End A Massive Sweep In The Western Desert Of Anbar

BAGHDAD, The popular mobilization forces in the Western Anbar operations sector on Monday completed a large-scale clearing of a number of areas in the Western Anbar Desert according to planned targets, which culminated in success and intelligence cooperation with the inhabitants of these areas.

"According to accurate intelligence, a large-scale clearance operation was carried out, including the areas of Umm Tina, Awaji and Khairija, where they were searched in full and the areas were secured in cooperation with the residents living there," said the commander of the popular mobilization of the western Anbar axis, Qassim Musleh.

Musleh pointed out that "the popular mobilization continues to hunt Daesh cells in any area of the Western Sahara to Anbar province, and there is serious cooperation between the people and the popular mobilization forces in order to get rid of Daesh gangs."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency