Sunday, February 5

The rise of the water reserves in Lake Al-Adhaim after the recent torrential rains

Baquba Al-Adhaim Lake in Diyala Governorate witnessed a rise in its water reserves to 300 million m3 after the recent water floods.

A narrative source told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): “The flow of water torrents towards Al-Adhaim Lake, north of Baquba, contributed to the rise of the lake’s water levels to 300 million m3 out of the total storage capacity of 400 million m3.”

He added: “Increasing the reservoirs of Al-Adhaim Lake will revive the agricultural and livestock sector and revive winter agricultural plans, especially in the areas near Al-Adhaim River Basin, which is an important tributary of the Tigris River.”

Al-Adhaim Lake is one of the large lakes north of Diyala and was established in order to reduce the risks of flooding Al-Adhaim River during the flood seasons.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency