Sunday, February 5

The State Administration Coalition emphasizes preserving Iraq’s sovereignty and preventing the use of its lands to target neighboring countries / Expanded

Baghdad The State Administration Coalition held its regular meeting today, Monday, to discuss the latest developments on the national, regional and international arenas in Bafel Talabani’s office.

The Coalition revealed high-level dialogues and meetings to prevent a breach of Iraqi sovereignty from any foreign party, stressing Iraq’s serious work to prevent the use of its lands as a springboard to destabilize the security of neighboring countries.

The meeting decided to complete the ministerial cabinet and to name the ministers of environment, housing and reconstruction.

The Coalition listened to a comprehensive report on the provincial and parliament elections law, while the details of the law were discussed from the political and technical aspects.

It was decided at the meeting to activate Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution, provided that a committee would be formed for the same purpose to carry out its duties within a period of 10 days.

He pointed out: The meeting discussed security developments, the completion of the new government’s work program, and other important issues related to the general situation in the country.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency