Saturday, January 23

Three members of Daesh killed west of Kirkuk

KIRKUK, Three security forces were killed in a village in the western province of Kirkuk, A security source said.

The security source added that a force of the federal police and the tribal crowd killed three members of the Daesh organization near the village of Khirbet Aziz in Riyadh district in cooperation with the people.

He said that the remnants of Daesh raided a house near the valley of Azghitun and arrested a sheep shepherd and killed him 300 meters from his house.

He pointed out that unidentified gunmen in the village (Abdullah Yassin) in the Riyadh area fired shots at a civilian from the village, killing him.

A security source said unidentified gunmen stabbed a bicycle driver in the neighborhood of Ronaki, north of Kirkuk

Source: National Iraqi News Agency