Saturday, March 6

Three wanted men arrested, a camp was cleared and three bombs were processed in Anbar

BAGHDAD, The Security Information Center announced the arrest of three wanted men and cleared a camp and the treatment of three bombs in Anbar.

"The security forces in the Anbar Operations Command arrested a wanted man in the area of Al-Malaab, and succeeded in arresting another in Ramadi, while a wanted man was arrested in Albu Teiban area," the Center's Spokesman Brigadier Yehia Rasool said in a statement.

He added that "the security forces cleared a road at a distance of (780) meters in the direction of Al-Jeraishi plant, and detonated three explosive devices, and carried out the duty to search for the remnants of Daesh gangs in the district of Al- Jeraishi towards Camp Bravo."

"They were able to clear the camp and deal with 3 improvised explosive devices filled with C4, he added."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency