Saturday, July 31

Tueni inaugurates Project Management Conference: Lebanese currency is among the most powerful currencies in the world

Caretaker State Minister for Anti-Corruption Affairs, Nicola Tueni, patronized Saturday a national conference organized by the Project Management - Lebanon Branch of the International Project Management Institute in Pennsylvania, USA, held under his patronage at the Le Royal Hotel in Dbayeh.

In his opening word, Tueni disclosed that the Lebanese Pound remains amongst the most powerful currencies in the world.

"Far from pessimism, the Lebanese currency has been maintaining its strength since 1995. It is among the most powerful currencies in the world and with a simple comparison of foreign and domestic currency investments, the Lebanese pound is six times better, despite the economic environment," Tueni said.

He highlighted the importance of the economy for the nation, deeming the understanding of the state as being "the organization of human, social and economic relations within a set of laws and regulations at the national level."

"The most essential foundation for an advanced state is transparency in public administration and public addition to boosting the work of regulatory bodies and activating the judiciary's independent authority," Tueni went on.

"This is what prompted President Michel Aoun to consider combating corruption at the top of his priorities, especially due to the lack of transparency and accountability suffered by Lebanon for decades," he indicated.

"The fight against corruption itself is a fundamental issue to restore the citizen's trust in his country and enhance investors' confidence in the Lebanese economy," Tueni underscored.

Source: National News Agency