Friday, August 19

UN Security Council Welcomes Extension of Truce in Yemen

New York-- The members of the UN Security Council welcomed the extension of the truce in Yemen for another two months, stressing that the truce represented the most important opportunity for peace and protection of civilians in Yemen.

In a statement issued today, they affirmed that the truce provided a stable foundation to progress with talks on economic and security tracks, and to embark on in-depth and inclusive discussions on the political track.

They expressed their aspiration that the extension of the truce would contribute to reaching a comprehensive settlement of the Yemeni crisis and support initiatives for a political solution in a manner that preserves Yemen's unity and independence, as well as the capabilities of the Yemeni people and their aspirations for security, stability and prosperity.

In their statement, they praised the efforts of the Yemeni government in reaching an extension of the truce, appreciating the efforts of the regional partners and the need for their continued support.

Source: Saudi Press Agency